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The InternetLitigators Internet attorneys have been trusted legal counsel to Internet and Technology companies and other businesses with internet issues worldwide since 1999. With wide ranging legal knowledge on the current issues effecting Internet companies combined with efficiency, creativity and a service oriented philosophy, InternetLitigators Internet lawyers cost effectively handle all types of legal issues. Whether it be day to day operations, long term business strategy or anything in between, the InternetLitigators Internet attorneys regularly handle all legal needs of any company.

Our transactional Internet attorneys efficiently and cost effectively draft agreements between you and your customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, management or  third parties. These our Internet attorneys  have substantial, every day experience with website compliance issues, complex licensing, distribution and marketing agreements, large scale mergers and acquisitions as well as management and employee  compensation agreements.

Our litigation Internet lawyers are seasoned litigators with many years of high level experience handling all aspects of litigation related to internet and technology issues including commercial negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. We are world leaders in litigating DMCA Copyright issues, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, UDRP domain name claims, as well as all general busines law issues such as insurance coverage and employment. Our litigation team is end result oriented with a focus upon efficiency, cost effectiveness, service and responsiveness.

"We are not simply a document preparation service. We are a full service Internet and Technology focused law firm capable of handling the most complicated of issues, disputes and deals. We not only give you the legal advice that you need but we forge a relationship with you and stand ready as part of your team to help guide you through strategic decision making that will serve you well for years to come."

 ~ InternetLitigators


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Membership Program

Developed by InternetLitigators and unique in the Industry is our exclusive membership program. Recognizing the needs of many of our clients to maintain access to legal counsel for day to day issues without being forced to pay extreme retainer fees, InternetLitigators created its exclusive membership program. Annual membership in InternetLitigators includes 10 hours of direct lawyer services with a lawyer that you know and that knows you and your company. Member hours are good for a full year from the date of your membership. As long as you are a member any additional hours you purchase are at the member's discounted rate.

There is no retainer fee because you purchase the number of hours that you need in advance of the work being performed. Many tasks for members are provided on a flat fee arrangement.

Your membership benefits include: Internet Business Attorneys

  • 10 hours of lawyer services with a full service Internet business law firm.
  • Discounted hourly rate for lawyer services over the 10 hours included with your membership during your membership.
  • Access to our latest articles and news in the member's area.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a pre-established relationship with your personally assigned Internet counsel.
  • (more)
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recent news

03/01/14 - New gTLDs - As the newtop level domain names launch are you doing what is necessary to protect your brand? It is much simpler to register your marks up front than it is to retrieve a domain name containing yuour mark after it is registered. Member Hours can be used for this purpose. Contact us now.

02/28/14 - 2 InternetLitigators Member Hours are up for auction at the TASTE OF COLBURN charity event March 15, 2014 in Los Angeles to help raise money for a wonderful music program. You can buy tickets or score a great deal HERE.

01/24/14 - NEW PRIVACY LAWS - AB658 Makes any software or hardware provider offering a product that maintains medical information to be deemed to be a provider of health care subject to the confidentiality provisions of CMIA.

01/24/14 - NEW PRIVACY LAWS - AB370 (California Online Privacy Protection Act - CalOPPA) requires most online businesses to update their privacy policy by adding language that drescribes how the operator responds to "do not track" requests and discloses whether information will be gathered by any third parties. It applies to anyone collecting information on California residents. Members - get your policies reviewed ASAP.

12/30/13 Bloomberg - Google's data collection effort is deemed a violation of federal wiretap law. Post by InternetLitigators.

06/03/13 @iLitigators - The #registrant of your #domain name is the owner - no matter what that guy that registered it for you says. Get it in your name.

06/03/13 @iLitigators - Not only is it creepy that an employer would ask for employees #Facebook or #Twitter passwords - but its illegal in CA and now more states.

05/17/13 Speaking Engagement - InternetLitigators founding partner Jeffrey A. Cohen presented "Insurance Made Sexy: Obtaining or Triggering Insurance Coverage for Internet Misconduct" at the Cyberlaw Leadership Summit. The session covered the basic types of insurance coverage applicable to internet companies, claims tender, relationships with counsel and the latest developments in internet insurance coverage.

04/19/13 Case Update - Youtube, Inc. prevails in Motion for Summary Judgment in case brought by Viacom International Inc.where USDC holds Youtube, Inc. was protected under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

11/13/12 Employment - New California Labor Code Section 980 goes into effect January 1, 2013 preventing employers from requesting access to the employee or applicant's social media identity or account access information. (more)


Cases and Clients


New Business Setup
Operations Advice
Partnership / Shareholder
Trademark Registration
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Asset Purchase Agmts
Internet Marketing Issues
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Contract Negotiations
Contract Disputes
Domain Name Recovery
Internet Defamation Issues


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InternetLitigators - Testimonials

“InternetLitigators did a great job for our company. They really know their stuff!!!! I trust them completely and recommend them highly.”
                                       Game and Contest Company

"We have trusted and engaged the services of InternetLitigators for 12 years and by far they are the most responsive, creative and professional group we have had the pleasure to do business with. Through our very cost effective dealings with them we have been pleasantly surprised to discover how technology savvy, creative, trustworthy and reliable the InternetLitigators team is. We love working with them because we have the peace of mind knowing we are aligned with genuine and ethical professionals who understand web hosting, the Internet, and the value of personalized service."
                                    Large Web Hosting Company

"Internetlitigators recently completed a large, complex business litigation matter for us and achieved excellent results. They kept us informed at all times and managed the process well. Their expertise and professionalism prevailed, I would highly recommend them to any business."
                                   National Hosting Company

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