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The Internet Attorneys


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Internet Litigation
Since 1999

The InternetLitigators Internet attorneys have been trusted legal counsel to businesses with Internet related legal issues worldwide since 1999. With wide ranging legal knowledge on the current Innternet issues combined with efficiency, creativity and a service oriented philosophy, InternetLitigators Internet lawyers lead the industry in experience and innovation. Our appropriately aggressive yet professional approach to litigation helps achieve desired results in a cost effective manner. Our highly responsive and problem solving approach to transactions helps close transactions efficiently and timely.


Our transactional Internet attorneys efficiently and cost effectively draft agreements between you and your customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, management or  third parties. These our Internet Attorneys  have substantial, every day experience with website compliance issues, complex licensing, distribution and marketing agreements, large scale mergers and acquisitions as well as management and employee compensation and finance agreements.


Our litigation Internet lawyers are seasoned litigators with many years of high level experience handling all aspects of business litigation related to Internet and technology issues including copyright, trademark, commercial contracts, unfair competition, fraud, real estate, CAN-Spam defense, DMCA, AntiCybersquatting and domain name Issues. We are world leaders in litigating Internet DMCA copyright issues, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, UDRP domain name claims, as well as all general business law issues such as insurance coverage and employment. Our litigation team is goal oriented with a focus upon efficiency, cost effectiveness, service and responsiveness.

"We are a full service Internet and Technology law firm with decades of experience litigating complex Internet related issues. We represent businesses involved with the Internet and we are familiar with the unique and constantly changing issues involved in this practice area"

 ~ InternetLitigators

  • Business & Corporate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Internet & Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

Cases and Clients


  • USDC Trademark Infringement - Trial Verdict
  • Data Center Breach of Contract CA Superior Court - Mediation Confidential Settlement
  • USDC Trademark Infringement - Settlement
  • Business Acquisition Dispute - CA Superior Court - Settlement
  • Franchise Dispute - USDC - Settlement
  • Proposition 65 - Environmental Law Claim - Settlement
  • Unfair Competition Fraud B&P17200 - Settlement
  • Business Acquisition Dispute - CA Superior Court
  • CAN-SPAM Claim - Dismissal
  • DMCA Violation - Trial Verdict
  • Business Partner Dispute - Mediation - Settlement


  • National Consumer Brands
  • International Manufacturing
  • Long Distance Transportation Company
  • National Retail Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • International Beverage Industry Broker / Exporter
  • Major National Retail Grocery Chain
  • Internet Content Production Houses
  • Internet Advertising Agency
  • eCommerce Web Sites
  • Social Networking Web Sites
  • Social Media Talent Compensation


  • Asset Purchase - Food Industry
    $1.3 Million
  • Stock Purchase - Manufacturing
    $3.2 Million
  • Asset Purchase - $300,000.00
  • Domain Name Acquisition - $100,000
  • Asset Purchase - Confidential
  • Asset Purchase - Transportation Industry Confidential
  • Early Stage Corporate Financing $100,000.00
  • Web Hosting Company Acquisition - Confidential
  • Web Hosting Company Acquisition - Confidential
  • Web Hosting Company Acquisition - Confidential
  • International Asset Purchase Agreement - $200,000.00

InternetLitigators - Testimonials

“InternetLitigators did a great job for our company. They really know their stuff!!!! I trust them completely and recommend them highly.”
                                    Game and Contest Company

"We have trusted and engaged the services of InternetLitigators for 12 years and by far they are the most responsive, creative and professional group we have had the pleasure to do business with. Through our very cost effective dealings with them we have been pleasantly surprised to discover how technology savvy, creative, trustworthy and reliable the InternetLitigators team is. We love working with them because we have the peace of mind knowing we are aligned with genuine and ethical professionals who understand web hosting, the Internet, and the value of personalized service."
                                    Large Web Hosting Company

"InternetLitigators recently completed a large, complex business litigation matter for us and achieved excellent results. They kept us informed at all times and managed the process well. Their expertise and professionalism prevailed, I would highly recommend them to any business."
                                   International Hosting Company

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Membership Program

Developed by InternetLitigators and unique in the Industry is our exclusive membership program. Recognizing the needs of many of our clients to maintain access to legal counsel for day to day issues without being forced to pay extreme retainer fees, InternetLitigators created its exclusive membership program. One reasonable annual membership fee entitles members to discounted hours of direct lawyer services with a lawyer that you know and that knows you and your company. Discounted member hours are good for a full year from the date of purchase. As long as you are a member any additional hours you require may be purchased at the member's discounted rate.

There is no retainer fee because you purchase the number of hours that you need in advance of the work being performed. Many tasks for members are provided on a flat fee arrangement.

** NEW FOR 2015 **

Your membership benefits include: Internet Business Attorneys

  1. Low membership fee options entitle you to our discounted member rate throughout your membership.
  2. Immediate access to our lawyers.
  3. Available member packages for further discounts.
  4. Peace of mind knowing you have a pre-established relationship with our firm for your business needs as they arise.


Current Pricing Information
**NEWFOR 2015**

Monthly Plan

Monthly Membership Fee: $125.00/mo
Discounted Hourly Rate: $335.00/hr
Setup Fee: $250.00

Annual Plan

Annual Membership Fee: $1,375.00/yr
Discounted Hourly Rate: $325.00/hr
Setup Fee: Waived

We can usually begin work the same day that you complete your membership

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Current Member Offers

Package One
Learn More

Our Trademark attorneys will file an application for your trademark in a single internatonal class. This package includes both our fee and the filing fee for the application.

  • "Knock Out" research by experienced trademark lawyers to help you determine whether your mark is available for registration.
  • We will prepare and file your application for United States trademark registration.
  • We will help you select your proper international Class
  • We will help you select proper evidence of use in commerce in support of your application.
  • We will be here for you to help you respond to any office action issued by the trademark office.


Package Two
Learn More

Only a lawyer can consult with you and give you legal advice about the best legal form for your business. Document preparation services can tell you what everyone else did or what the most common choices are but they cannot tell you the right choices or give you any legal advice at all.

Our experienced business attorneys will guide you through the entire process and file your registration for you. In some cases we can even serve as your agent for service of process - for free! We will also be there for you to call with questions as you begin operations and grow your company. We form more than LLCs or Corporations. We Form Relationships.


Package Three
Learn More

Forming a business is about more than filing a few documents with the State. There are crucial choices to make throughout the entire process. If you file the incorrect forms you may have to start all over to get what you need.

  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Bylaws
  • Financial Considerations
  • Intellectual Property Considerations
  • Employment Documents
  • Insurance Needs
  • Customer Agreements
  • Review Vendor Agreements
  • Internet Development Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Stock Issuance

Only a lawyer can give you legal advice as to which documents you need and which documents would be a waste of your resources.

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